Album of Joel's Electric Plane Designs

copyright 06/2001

Original Lyle SpecialThis  plane is my original "Lyle Special".  It was the seventh plane that I designed and built from scratch.  It weighs 51 ounces with a 45 inch wingspan 38 1/2 inches long.  It uses a 11 X 7 prop with a geared Magnetic Mayhem 2.5 to 1.  It uses 1900 SCR's X 10.  The wing loading is 20.4 ounces per square foot at 360 square inches.  It works out to about 103 watts per pound.  The maximum cruise time is about 10 minutes.

This plane was designed for aerobatics and named after a member of my flying club, Lyle Sievers, who spends most of his flight time upside down, five feet off the deck.   

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The Little LyleThis  next photo is a plane I call the "Little Lyle".   It is a scaled down version of a Magnetic Mayham powered plane designed for stunting.  Some particulars: direct drive 480 with a 6x4 cox prop, weight 25 oz at 182 It uses a castle Creations speed Pixie 14 speed control and 8 x 1600 nimh. The plane is 4 channel with strip ailerons.

Full testing is incomplete as it is being rebuilt after an encounter with the ground while looping at too
low of an altitude.  The plane easily ROGs and will perform most stunts.

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The SportsterHere is a photo of a plane I call the Skyshark Sportster. The plane weights in at 24.5 oz minus the battery. Power
is a turbo 450 with a 2 to 1 gearbox, 9.5 x 7 carbon aeronaut prop and either an 8 x 1700 zagi pac or 8 x 1250 SCR's. Speed control is the Castle Creations Pixie 14. The gearbox is a modified Promax speed 400. The plane draws a remarkably low 16 amps with the 1700's and demonstrates
flight times averaging around 7 minutes. .

Wingspan:48"  *   Length: 36"   *    Weight with 1700 AEU's  - 34.6 oz
Wing Area 350 square inches   *   Wing loading 14.4 oz. per square foot
4 channel with a 555 Hitec receiver and 4 HS-55'S.

The plane was designed for aerobatics, but I must admit the roll rate is not spectacular. A rebuild of this plane would include larger ailerons. The construction of this plane is built up balsa, ply and graphite. Wing covering is Icarex rip stop polyester. The airfoil is a Clark Y. It will ROG in about 20 feet with a slight headwind, and 30 feet in still air. The landing speed is remarkably low. Overall it is a very well behaved little plane capable of most standard aerobatics

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The SkySharkI call this plane the Sky Shark. By coincidence I received my Model aviation magazine today with a plane by the same name. This plane was designed as a training type, stable flyer. Construction is of graphite, balsa and lite ply. The plane weights 21 oz. with a wing area 305 sq. in. It has a flat bottom foil. This gives it a wing loading of 9.9 oz psf. It is
powered by a direct drive 6 volt speed 400 pushing a 6x3, or 6x4 Cox prop, with a Castle Creations pixie 14 speed control.

The plane easily ROGs in around 30 feet and will do simple aerobatics, i.e. loops, spins, and an occasional roll. The plane is nearly impossible to stall. Fuel is 8 x 1600 NiMH. With a 6x3 prop the plane will cruise in excess of 20 minutes. The best flight so far was slightly more than 26 minutes. Some may not recognize the covering. This is Icarex polyester rip stop sailcloth. This makes an ideal covering as it is lighter and stronger than most mylar films. The fuselage is covered in oracover. 

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Original Lyle SpecialMy latest "finished"  plane is a flying boat I call the Nautilus. This plane is 550 square inches at 55 oz, giving it a wing loading of 14.5 ounces per square foot.  Its length is 46 inches with a wingspan of 63.5 inches. Power is a direct drive reverse Magnetic Mayham with an 8x4 Cox prop. It uses 8 x 1900 Sanyo batteries with 80 watts per pound.


The plane has a two step hull that is very well behaved in that it takes off and lands easily with no skipping. The plane initially used flaps but were found to be unnecessary. It is still early in it's flight testing stages but appears to be highly aerobatic.  To see a close up photo, click on the picture of it above.  The close up photo will open in a new window.

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Original Lyle SpecialThis  photo is my collection of planes taken to my first Dallas Electric Area Flyers meet in the year 2000.  Since that time, I have designed and built many new planes and I'm looking forward to going back again this year with my newer designs.




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