Fighter Kites
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A word about Fighter Kites....

Fighter kites are manuverable single line kites. Quickly manipulating the line allows your kite to spin or track. Although challenging to learn, the fighter kite will provide some of the most enjoyable kite flying experiences possible. Many people belive it is the purest form of kite flying. At Sky Delight Kites, we offer two of the finest fighters made. Laser cut sails on space age frames result in superb handling characteristics. Responsive, fast and extremely durable, these kites offer competition quality performance and unmatched beauty. Loops, dives and figure eight's at the touch of your fingertip. If you have never flown a fighter, you owe it to yourself to learn.

Piranha Bait Piranha

The newest fighter designed by Joel, the Piranha and Piranha-bait have a graphite frame and a laser cut Icarex sail. These state of the art materials provide this Indian type fighter with unsurpassed performance. A three-legged bridle allows for perfect tuning. Quick turning and accurate tracking with easy stalls will make this kite the choice of serious competitors. This kite literally glows in the sky with an aura all it's own. Virtually indestructable, yet light enough to be flown in almost no wind.

This fasinating, Single Line manuverable flyer may be the most versatile kite you will ever own. A unique tuning system ensures perfectly balanced flying every time out. After all of his years of Kiteflying, the butterfighter remains among Joel's personal favorites. This award winner has a laser cut, ripstop nylon sail with fiberglass and hardwood frame. We recommend using a waxed linen flying line to avoid any stretching and line cuts.

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